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Fine cuisine for sunday chefs

ISBN: 978-961-93978-1-7
AVTOR: Jure Apih

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Prevod knjige Kuhinja za telebane, na voljo v ANGLEŠKEM jeziku.Slovenija postaja vedno bolj prepoznavna turistična kulinarična destinacija. Kako dobro danes jemo Slovenci? Na prepihu balkanske in dunajske šole, med Madžarsko, Italijo in Mediteranom slovenska sodobna kuhinja že dolgo ni več kmečka etnološka posebnost, temveč povsem nova izvirna zvrst okusov in arom, ki so jo izkušnje odprtega sveta primamile na našo mizo. Tudi mit visoke kuharske šole se počasi izgublja. Veliki kulinarični šefi so resda svoj svet, z nekaj dobre volje, ljubezni in ponižnosti pa je z dobrim in prijaznim vodnikom lahko prav vsakdo vsaj tu in tam velik šef.Knjiga Fina kuhinja Jureta Apiha v slovenskem jeziku in Fine Cuisine for Sunday Chefs v angleškem jeziku, je tak vodnik, vademekum, pojdi z menoj.Ni potrebe, da verjamete na prvo in da kupujete mačka v žaklju. Naslovna, zadnja stran in kazalo v prilogi vas morda prepričajo, da preletite triintridesetih izbranih receptov. Če se vam katerikoli zdi zanimiv, vam ga pošljemo po elektronski poti brezplačno. Ko ga boste preizkusili, vas morda zamika, da vzamete vse.This book wants to be neither a cooking manual nor an haute cuisine academy. Just an invitation maybe to meals that anyone following these simple instructions could easily master. Even simple dishes can be fine and even complex cooking is in fact simple, once it is broken down into simple enough steps. The inspiration of Viennese high gastronomy, Balkan barbeque, flavours of the Mediterranean as well as Venetian and Florentine refinement, Hungarian paprika and prosciutto of the Karst, the tastiest from bourgeois and farmers\' tables, walnuts and truffles, they are all equal fragments of the unique Slovene gourmet cuvée.Jure Apih is a Sunday chef. What he likes best is to write. He was chief executive of big media company. He contributed many excellent and topical texts in Slovene media.He chaired the Slovene Culinary Academy, he enjoys in good cooking and sharing his knowledge with the freinds.Jure Apih is also a legend of New European advertising, the father of Golden Drum New European Festival and a founding member of Intercontinental Advertising CUP.He knows that the cooking excellency of Sunday Chefs is limited. He adores haute cuisine, loves to be pampered in elegant restaurants, he admirs and respects top chefs, yet doesn\'t challenge them.

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